Wine tasting (up to 12)

Wine tasting (up to 12)


Enjoy this class with Claudia for you and up to 11 friends or family. During this two-hour tasting course you'll learn:

  • Everything about how wine is made

  • How to taste it

  • About different wine regions and grape varieties.

  • It won't be just us talking: there are blind tasting games and of course there is tasting involved as well: you'll taste five exciting wines.

You like your wines, but you find it hard to choose them or to describe why you actually like a particular grape variety or type of wine? You always go for your beloved Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot and you'd like discover some other type of wines? When you smell your glass of wine, you just smell "wine", and not at all these complex descriptive aromas people tend to talk about? We can help to make you feel a bit more like a wine pro with our introductory wine tasting course!

Capacity: This class is for up to 12 people. This is also dependent on the size of your kitchen space available.

Duration: 2 hours.

Location: Claudia is happy to have classes at your home, or her wine tasting studio at Netil House (E8).

All speciality equipment will be supplied by the teacher.

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