Supermarket safari (for 1)

Supermarket safari (for 1)


This is a completely personalised class with chef Viviana. She will give you a better understanding of hormone balance through food, learning to live a healthier life for your mind and body.

This includes:

  • Post-booking phone call to discuss you and your lifestyle, and your hormone imbalances and to adjust the recipes to your personal taste and needs.

  • Trip to your local supermarket together to demystify the supermarket experience and learn about certain choice of products and their ingredients.

  • You will learn how to cook a very wide variety of easy meals.

Every class comes with a Ebook about hormones.

Capacity: This class is for 1 person, however you can find the class for 2 people here. This is also dependent on the size of your kitchen space available.

Ingredients: Cost of ingredients included. This includes approx £85 spent in the supermarket on produce, but Viviana will guide on if you want to spend more, at your discretion.

Duration: 4 hours.

Contains: Once class is booked, allergies or personal preferences will be discussed between you and Viviana.

Location: This class will take place from your home, and your local supermarket.

All speciality equipment will be supplied by the teacher.

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