Duck breast (up to 6)

Duck breast (up to 6)


Grab two friends to split the cost and you’ll only pay £30 per person, or if there’s six of you, pay only £15 per person for this 2 hour class with the wonderful Brodie - that includes the ingredients too!

  • Duck breast with a spiced red wine sauce

  • Hasselback fondant potatoes

  • Grilled asparagus.

Learn how to cook perfectly pink duck breast every time, whilst ensuring the fat is well rendered. We’ll use fairly classic ingredients but with a slight twist on them to make them original and interesting. You'll learn the basis for a rich and flavoursome sauce that can be applied to various dishes (with a bit of tweaking!)

Capacity: Max 6 people, and this is also dependent on the size of your kitchen space available.

Ingredients: Cost of ingredients included.

Duration: 2 hours.

All apparatus and speciality equipment will be supplied by the teacher.

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