Balance your family, 5 week course (2 parents 1 child)

Balance your family, 5 week course (2 parents 1 child)


Are you struggling with fussy eaters? Did you know children actually eat better without their parents in the room?

If one person is out of balance, the whole family can be out of balance. With over 25 years experiences with children and her knowledge about food and hormones chef Viviana is the specialist to help.

This includes:

  • Post-booking approx 30 min phone call to better understand where the imbalance is in the family home.

  • You will learn how to cook a very wide variety of easy meals.

In this five-week course (each session 1.5 hours) chef Viviana will also give you the confidence and knowledge to make easy, quick, healthy meals in keeping with busy family life.

Every course comes with a Ebook about hormones.

Capacity: This class is for 2 parents and 1 child, but a class for 2 parents and 2 children can be found here, or 2 parents and 3 children here. This is also dependent on the size of your kitchen space available.

Ingredients: Cost of ingredients included.

Duration: 1.5 hours per class, over a 5 week period.

Contains: Once class is booked, allergies or personal preferences will be discussed between yourself and Viviana.

Location: This class will take place from your home.

All speciality equipment will be supplied by the teacher.

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